The compiled, production ready plugin is available in the /dist directory. Only use the code in the /src directory if you plan to compile the plugin from source as part of your project’s build process.

_Building from source assumes an intermediate level of knowledge about build tooling. If you have trouble compiling the plugin on your own please use the provided compiled files or seek help from [Stack Overflow](

Include directly

Include the minified Universal Module Definition (UMD) files as a script tag to register scrollnav as a global variable.


Download scrollnav v3.0.1

<script src="[your assets directory]/scrollnav.min.umd.js"></script>


If you want to leverage the speed and distribution of a CDN scrollnav is available on unpkg and jsdelivr. The URL is pinned to v3.0.1 so you’ll need to update the script tag whenever a new version is released.

<script src=""></script>

Package manager

Install with Yarn

yarn add scrollnav

Install with NPM

npm install scrollnav

Install with Bower

bower install scrollnav --save

_The folks from Bower no longer recommend using Bower. Luckily they've created [a guide to migrating to Yarn](